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In October , TMZ broke the story that Mama June was dating the man who had been convicted for sexually assaulting her eldest daughter 10 years prior. The show was abruptly canceled and the public backlash was resoundingly brutal, especially after Radar Online unearthed the horrifying police report. In the wake of the cancellation, Mama June became a warning about what happens when you cross a line from fascinatingly grotesque to unforgivable. For a while, it seemed as though Mama June would be cast off into the land of reality TV has-beens, but her life a lawsuit!

A sex tape! A Baywatch -style photo shoot!

Why Mama June's Daughter Believes Her Mother May Have Taken Her Trust Fund Money

A strip club tour! Gross smells were so essential to the show that TLC aired a Watch 'n' Sniff event in , complete with scratch-and-sniff cards and six unidentifiable scents.

More importantly, the family seemed genuinely happy. Just when the show seemed unstoppable, the scandal turned Mama June into a pariah.

Mama June's House Is for Sale Amid Allegations She's on Drugs and Estranged From Her Daughters

June denied all rumors about her relationship, but eventually her oldest daughter Anna confirmed that she was the victim, telling People that if her mother was dating her molester, "I would feel hurt. I would not feel betrayed, but I would feel hurt. Her daughter Anna cut all ties with her and appeared on Dr.

Phil in to discuss the fallout. By the time Mama June and Sugar Bear appeared on the show, they were just another pop culture punchline. The attention from Marriage Boot Camp opened the door for June to return to television with From Not to Hot and rewrite the established narrative about herself. After struggling to keep up a healthy diet and workout routine, June booked several weight loss surgeries. During the tense scene that follows, her family expresses their fears about the upcoming procedures.

Duck Dynasty, perhaps the most successful example of this type of programming, ran for 11 seasons, attracted a record-shattering And on shows like Ice Road Truckers , Pawn Stars , and Alaska State Troopers , white working-class masculinity is considered worthy of sustained attention and respect. But this kind of cultural value is not a luxury awarded to Here Comes Honey Boo Boo , and it is especially denied to women like Mama June.

TLC is also a network whose programming gleefully embraces grotesqueries of many kinds: megafamilies, fundamentalists, little people, Mormons, Palins, and extreme couponers.

Her large, unkempt body cemented the image of her as both a bad mother and the pinnacle of the female transgression. TLC canceled 19 Kids and Counting in , also following a molestation scandal Josh Duggar allegedly sexually abused his sisters.

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Yet the Duggars are framed as a good white Christian nuclear family, which masks their nonconforming religious fundamentalism. This no doubt pushed Mama June to follow the trajectory of many reality stars, leapfrogging between programs to stay relevant. It was Anna Nicole Smith who first powerfully embodied — and will be forever synonymous with — the female grotesque. June and her family literally just eat junk food, the most popular breakfast in their house is a bucket of cheese balls.

Furthermore, when June wants fresh meat she does not pay a dime for it, she just has Sugar Bear pick it up from the side of the road-yes, the family dines on road kill. While their eating habits are horrendous, their cleanliness is probably worse.

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Furthermore, their pet pig Glitzy pooped on their kitchen table and this mess was cleaned up with merely a paper towel. June is certainly a free-spirit, eating what she wants without a care in the world, but she is also lazy, not having any desire to clean things up.

She is also extremely unhealthy and the antithesis of a germaphobe-one of her feet was hurt in an accident, and bugs come crawling out of the wound when she reveals it. Despite the fact that June is quite overweight, she is extremely confident in herself and sees herself and her girls as beautiful women, for this reason June got Honey Boo Boo involved in pageants.

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June does go on a diet during the show, but not because she thinks she needs it but to support her daughter who wants to lose weight. She also is confident in her intellect, she knows she is simple but does not think she needs to sound really smart to be really smart. Below are images that demonstrate how confident June is in her appearance and her intellect.

June is far from perfect though and has had some trouble with the law multiple times in her life.

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First in she was arrested for contempt of court and theft among other things. It seems like doing what her daughters want often overtakes what is better for her daughters, June can be a bit of a pushover. She also lacks self-control, especially when it comes to food, she can not resist buying unhealthy food.

However, June ultimately loves her girls more than anything despite the fact she does not always do what is best for them. Below is link to a video of June at an auction, unable to resist buying unhealthy food for her family. June at the Auction.