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In particular, both are home entertainment projectors, as opposed to home theater projectors. The differences between the two are that the W offers a slightly higher brightness rating, full p 3D support, and much better video image quality. Home theater projectors, like the 2D Editors' Choice Epson PowerLite Home Cinema , are meant for theater-dark lighting, where too bright an image can be uncomfortable to look at.

Home entertainment projectors are meant for living rooms or family rooms, as a replacement for an HDTV or as a supplement to one for watching movies and sports. Given their intended location, they have to be much brighter than home theater projectors, so they can stand up to ambient light. For the W's rated 2, lumens, using a 1. If you need to, you can lower the brightness level to make the projector more appropriate for a smaller screen size by switching to the lamp's eco mode, using one of the projector's lower brightness presets, or both.

However, the argument for getting this bright a projector in the first place is that you can use it with the lights on. With moderate ambient light, the more appropriate screen brightness for 2, lumens would be in the range of 40 fL, for a screen size of about inches. Basics and Setup Surprisingly small and light for a p 3D projector, the W measures 4.

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If you don't want to install it permanently, it's easy to store it away when you're not using it, move it from room to room, or even bring it with you to a friend's house. Both HDMI ports are 1. Setup is standard, with the 1.

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An even more welcome touch is the vertical lens shift adjustment that lets you move the image up or down by about 5 percent of the screen height from its center position. That's not a lot compared with some other projectors. The Epson PowerLite Home Cinema , for example, can move almost a full screen up or down from center position. However, it's unusual to have the feature at all at this price, and any lens shift helps make setup a little easier, giving you some flexibility in the vertical placement of the projector relative to the screen without having to worry about keystone distortion.

Brightness, Image Quality, and Rainbows With its lumen rating, the W is easily bright enough to throw a reasonably large image that's bright enough to stand up to a moderate level of ambient light. And note that I measured its color brightness at roughly 80 percent of its white brightness in both its brightest and best color modes.

That high a percentage means there's very little difference between the perceived brightness with a color image versus a solid white screen.

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It also tends to go hand-in-hand with good color quality. Along with a bright image, the W delivers image quality that's just short of excellent. In my tests, the projector did swimmingly with most of the clips that we use to highlight problems. I saw a mild loss of shadow detail details based on shading in dark areas in one scene, but it was little enough that I wouldn't have noticed it if I didn't know what the scene should look like.

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I also saw some annoyingly obvious noise in solid dark areas in night scenes, with the noise not improving at all when I set noise reduction at its maximum. So, all of these models of projectors use the SAME chip inside of them.

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So, it comes down to the optics, color wheel, image processing, etc. The 6 segment color wheel with a 4x-6x wheel speed does a better job with color reproduction and overall image quality. As well, the mid-throw zoom lens allows for nice placement flexibility without the headache of image distortion which can be caused by a no-zoom short throw projector like the GT from Optoma.

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The x is very popular, but really is not at the same image quality as the W That may get you up a model in quality if budget allows. AV Integrated - Theater, whole house audio, and technology consultation during the build and installation process in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Thanks so much AV!! So for my budget, it's gonna be w or ht you were talking about. If you don't mind I have one more question. After I read this info, I searched info about between those two what's different.

Sorry for the stupid questions I'm pretty sure you got these kind of question millions of time. I'm just too newbie to make some decision on my own. It is a THX certified projector and more than single unit available. Mod Edit: The OP initially submitted this post failing to ….

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